Tentang Saya

I am someone who is very interested in the world of Network Engineer. In the current era of rapid globalization of technology, of course, there are many opportunities that we can achieve, one of which is to become a Network Engineer. Therefore, to become a Network Engineer I must understand and master IT skills, such as simple programming languages, Internet of Thing, Bandwidth Management, and so on.


Nama Lengkap : Nur Fazila
Tempat Lahir : Piring
Tanggal Lahir : 05 November 2002
Alamat : Jln. Sabanar Tanjung Selor


SD : SD Negeri 023 Tanjung Selor
SMP : SMP Negeri 05 Tanjung Selor
SMA : SMK Negeri 02 Tanjung Selor
D3/S1 : PENS Surabaya